What is aerial yoga ?

Aerial yoga is a practice where a swing is used as a tool. ... His practice is part of the millenary tradition of yoga where yogis hung ropes from trees to perform postures in the air and, thanks to the law of gravity, promote decompression of the body such as the ropemalakhamb,

If you are tired of traditional Yoga and you want to try another variation of this discipline that brings you strong emotions, Aerial Yoga may be a good option to consider, we work with soft hammocks 4 meters long by 2.8 wide, Using the hip or lower back coccyx area as support, this helps us to decompress the spine, giving more space between our vertevebrae and elongating the back and as a consequence giving the muscles more flexibility,

It is proven that the bad daily postural position, stress, little physical exercise and sedentary lifestyle creates many pathologies in the back, such as hernias, deviations resulting in contractures and pathologies: 

Benefits and contraindications of the practice:

Doctors and specialists assure that there are not too many contraindications, although they advise against this discipline (especially due to inverted positions, balances and cartwheels) to:

1. Pregnant women,

2. People with hypertension,

3. Glaucoma or vertigo or panic problems. With these exceptions, the hour-long class is very safe, entertaining and suitable for all audiences: you just have to cheer up.

4. People with hypotension

5. Eye problems, vision or eye problems, eye strain .. Cataracts ...

6. Heart problems.

7. Bone problems, and arthritis ...

8. Problems with the hip and sacrum.

9. Herniated discs ** consult the student.

10. Flu or sinusitis (as it is accentuated)

11. Concussion or strokes, stroke, etc.

12. Upper trunk and head injuries

13. Cerebral sclerosis

note : before practice this technique please contact your doctor and show those contraindications, we dont any responsability about this technique .

Benefits of Aerial aerial hammock yoga :

It is a complete exercise: all the muscles of the body are toned, while flexibility is improved and tension is released in conflictive areas at the physical level (such as the cervical, lumbar and other joints). For this reason, it is frequently indicated for physical rehabilitation.

We improve our organic functioning: aerial yoga collaborates with the elimination of toxins through perspiration, at the same time that it reactivates blood circulation and helps maintain controlled oxygenation. All of this results in healthier skin, an orderly digestive system, and a clear mind.

Healthy body, healthy mind: Like most physical exercises, it helps to combat stress, with the extra ingredient that provides the concentration of yoga and the sensation of being -literally- in the air.

We develop skills: Facing the yoga asanas on the hammocks makes us know new postures, while we improve our concentration, flexibility and balance

We improve our mood and confidence: No one doubts that yoga helps improve our mood and our spiritual balance, while filling us with energy. But do it in the air, with inverted postures and defying the feeling of height.

Aerial yoga and yoga?

Both of them have their respective benefits, but aerial yoga could be a better option for those who experience joint or spinal pain,” she says, noting that aerial yoga helps you get deeper into postures by using the silk hammock as a prop for the body to access contact points that are normally harder to make alone